Having your cake and eating it

Cloud has it's uses, but also has some pitfalls not to mention it is still in the early phase of development. By using cloud together with managed hosting in a hybrid environment is currently the best way you can get a solution that is both reliable and cost effective for your web infrastructure.

Facing Facts

Facing up to events and being honest and transparent is all part of Fanatical Support and the culture at Rackspace. Here is the reaction to an outage in one phase of 1 of our 9 data centres.

Is Green IT really cheaper?

Can you cut costs as well as be green?

TotalKiss.com Enters the Rackspace Cloud

Fanatical Support Drives Media Group’s Decision To Invest in Cloud Hosting

Hybrid is the Future

Combine the best of different types of hosting for a more cost effective and efficient solution

5 new attributes of Cloud Computing according to Gartner

New cloud computing model by Gartner looks an interesting way to see if cloud offerings are truely cloud!

Why is your company going green?

What are you doing about going green?

Helping Business use the Web – Building 43

New business community launched by Rackspace - Building 43 - helping businesses make the most out of the web

Private and Public Clouds

What are public and private clouds and which one is right for you?

Cloud Hosting Defined

There has been a lot of 'cloud confusion' out there in terms of what exactly it is. There are also similar terms for example what is the difference between cloud hosting and cloud computing? This post attempts to clarify what both terms are.


Rackspace Completes Acquisition of Onica

LONDON – Rackspace® today announced the completion of its acquisition of Onica, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner and...