Commonwealth Bank: Using OpenStack as its Integration Engine

OpenStack’s role in edge computing, scientific research and multi-cloud architectures was highlighted in a morning full of OpenStack Summit keynotes from companies as diverse as AT&T, Huawei, Adobe and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

As I noted in an earlier blog post, another key theme in Sydney, which kicked off yesterday, is the emerging trend of combining OpenStack’s modular architecture with other leading open source technologies – serving as an integration engine – to deliver the specific functionality you need for your stack

That is exactly what Quinton Anderson, head of systems engineering at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, discussed during his keynote. Watch the video of his keynote to see how Commonwealth Bank is using OpenStack, Mesos, Calico and other open source technologies to deliver a CI/CD environment throughout their technology stack.

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Christian Foster is the Senior Director of Marketing for the OpenStack Cloud business. A Racker since 2013, he has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and strategy roles including eCommerce, brand management, product marketing, operations, demand generation, executive communications, media relations, and corporate strategy. Christian holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Baylor University and is a native of Austin, Texas. When he is not on the golf course or working out, Christian and his wife Megan can be found spending time with their 11-year-old daughter, seven-year-old son, and a King Charles Spaniel named Ellie.


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