Disruption and Opportunity: Finding Growth in an Era of Change

After a roller-coaster year, with political change and the accompanying uncertainty at the forefront of people’s thoughts, Rackspace partnered with the Financial Times (FT) to bring together business leaders from around the UK for a series of roundtable events. Following this, Rackspace & the FT invited leaders from Worldpay and goHenry to discuss and debate the key issues that dominated the roundtable series. The panel discussion was hosted by Brooke Masters, Companies Editor at the FT.

We shared some great conversation. While it is not a new phenomenon, disruption and how it is affecting all aspects of business was one of the hot topics. While enabling change, technology is also bringing a number of new challenges. Specifically, in the areas of data management, risk from cyber-threats and as an engine of growth.

I found it particularly interesting how the concept of time is changing. Being more agile and quick to respond is vital. Flexibility and the ability to react effectively is highly desirable. This is driving the business transformation of large companies. This shift means using data to uncover more efficient engagements. It is now critical to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand how the value of time-saving apps and services is changing behaviours. Technology has put huge power in the hands of the small and agile startup. There is plenty of opportunity for traditional businesses to learn.

The future is becoming much harder to predict. Five-year plans are being replaced by 12 month ones. While disruption is never easy to identify until it is happening, you can certainly try to prepare. Learning from experts is a key part of this, so spending time with leaders like Alex Zivoder (CEO of FinTech company GoHenry) helps to put some perspective on what is coming next. As a hyper-growth organisation, with a mission to help the next generation be more financially savvy, focusing on your “North Star” is critical in times of change. Why you do something has become much more important that what you do, or how you do it.

We recorded the panel discussion, so you can hear first-hand some of the views and opinions which were covered.


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