Encrypted Exchange Online Now Available to Rackspace Resellers

Microsoft Office 365 is the business-class email of choice for many businesses, and we often find it’s the solution our customers demand. With that level of brand recognition and demand, it stands to reason that becoming an Office 365 reseller is a no-brainer.

Where some resellers get hung up, however, is when their clients overlook the necessary security precautions for protecting their email, both internally and externally. This is understandable — protecting a business from security threats is an active, ongoing job that many resellers’ clients simply don’t have the time or resources for.

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, the success rate of their attacks will continue to rise. Considering every business is heavily dependent on email for everyday communication and sharing of confidential data, this makes email a direct target for cyberattacks.

Whether you’re considering becoming a member of the Rackspace Reseller Program or you currently offer Office 365 to your clients, there’s no time like the present to educate your clients about why they need Encrypted Exchange Online.

Clients trust you to help guide their business with reliable email. While Office 365 ensures they are receiving the premium email service they’re looking for, Encrypted Exchange Online provides the security features your clients’ email needs to be a trusted tool for collaboration, wherever they are, around the clock.

Interested in becoming a Reseller with Rackspace? Join our Partner program!

Already a Reseller and ready to start selling Encrypted Exchange Online? Reach out to the Rackspace Office 365 team today! 

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Caroline Lim is a Marketing Manager for Cloud Office, focused on the Rackspace Email and SharePoint products. Her experience stemmed from Marketing Communications and has grown into specializing in Demand Generation through digital strategies and Inbound Marketing best practices. She gets a thrill out of challenging new opportunities and believes in learning through hands-on experience, growing from failures and receiving guidance from peers.


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