Every Generation Needs A New Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC]

Technological evolution can revolutionise lives completely opening new opportunities to the world we live in. Evolution can be just around the corner accelerating us from our standard reality to a whole new, extraordinary way of life.

Many of these advancements then become the norm. In the age of the smart phone, the first mobile phones now look antiquated so imagine only just being able to use a phone booth for the very first time now!

These advancements can happen over hundreds of years, or in a matter of just a few months, but change the way we live forever.

Here are some of the key technological evolutions to have shaped our lives to date:

Rackspace revolution infographic

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  1. […] This infographic highlights big inventions that impact our lifestyles greatly. It does a good job of getting lots of cool info into one piece. I must say however I’d like to see more of the ‘graphic’ section of infographic. There’s definitely some cool statistics and charts that could be thrown in with all these great ideas. A cool fact you may not catch a first glance: 2.8 million e-mails are sent every second! [Via] […]


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