Hosting decisions, from the chalkboard [INFOGRAPHIC]

OK so you already know that we’ve been helping customers define their hosting needs for some years now.

But as customers adopt more service based computing resources like cloud hosting, it’s only logical that they will also now ask more of their hosting provider to ensure they are getting the correct solution.

So we thought hey, let’s produce an infographic to take customers through a simple decision making process on a route to the solution that’s right for them.

It’s clear clean and enjoyably easy to read, we think it works really well – if you agree with us then please share it with your friends!

Rackspace Hosting - What type of site do you want to host?


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  1. Consider this route:

    Do you need to comply with a security policy

    Would downtime affect your reputation

    If I say Yes here it goes to dedicated, there is no way I could select managed cloud.

    This almost suggests that I should expect downtime on managed cloud which isn’t the case 😉

    Might be good to list the differences in your SLA more clearly, dedicated vs managed cloud looks to be 1 hour vs 3 hour replacement but it isn’t obvious

    • @winvest – Hey, thanks for your feedback.

      Our thinking around this was to provide a quick ‘how to’ guide on how to choose hosting for your website. As you point out, there are differences in the service levels which we just couldn’t cover off here.We offer a 100% uptime guarantee across all of our services (including managed cloud) and we also offer different levels of support depending on your needs. The good thing is, we always work closely with our customers to make sure the solution we recommend matches their exact requirements.

      Let us know if you’d like us to send you a cloud t-shirt.



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