HPE Discover 2018: time for pay-as-you-go private cloud as a service

HPE Discover is a major industry event we love to attend – and this year was no exception. There was a great turnout, and many opportunities for us to gain industry insight, chat with customers of every size and vertical about our growing portfolio, and explore how we can help solve key business challenges.

But this year was a bit different. We were recently recognised by HPE as its 2018 Global Service Provider Partner of the Year; this was earned for our strategic partnership that incorporates the world’s first pay-as-you-go private cloud as a service (PCaaS), including OpenStack, VMware, Microsoft and Kubernetes technologies.

Meeting a challenge

This partnership arrived from a need to solve major business challenges, which were evident as we talked to customers. Conversations had regularly revolved around ongoing disruption and increasingly competitive markets, which resulted in demands of simultaneously reducing costs and boosting innovation. A common assumption is all these things can only be met with a public cloud.

PCaaS changes all this. It’s as competitive – or even more competitive than – a public cloud. And it uses the same utility model, combining a spend-level commit and burstable capacity only paid for when it’s used. As needs grow, more gear is positioned for your new baseline. When you need to on-board new teams or apps, you can jump right in and do it, with no procurement cycle.

Data sovereignty and security requirements are dealt with by PCaaS in a manner public cloud can’t deliver. Yet it remains hugely flexible from a customer standpoint, through leveraging a range of platforms. This means you’re not saddled with technical debt, being tied to one platform or one vendor. The end result is to future-proof what you’re doing, in a manner you’d perhaps have only associated with a public cloud.

A sense of focus

As we heard from customers at the event, private cloud is still often dismissed because companies don’t want to become operators, since this requires a deep skill-set. But with PCaaS, this is no longer a concern. HPE’s GreenLake infrastructure model paired with our Rackspace operations model means customers can just consume, and thereby focus on what differentiates them, rather than what’s going on behind the scenes.

This unlocks potential for innovation – you can try something and see if it takes, because you don’t have to do an enormous Capex on the front end. Through aligning costs with usage, you can afford to be more nimble, and don’t have to be concerned whether you’ll recoup your investment.

One of the reasons we’re so excited about PCaaS is it feels like a win for everyone. Customers get the combined benefits of a private cloud and a public cloud. HPE moves right into the mix of strategic transformational things companies want to do, like big data, the cloud, and containers. And we at Rackspace can continue to grow and evangelise PCaaS with a wide range of customers.

Going private

The default path for some time now has been that everybody’s going to put everything in the public cloud – primarily driven by the wave of growth in that sector, and its tempting utility pricing. Now, HPE and Rackspace have a compelling proposition to have you think again. We can give you the same consumption model you’d get with a public cloud, but with other key security, control and flexibility features that make it far more attractive.

Today’s cloud journey is about examining the set of applications you want, your business model, and the things your organisation wants to achieve. Private cloud shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be right there at the forefront. With PCaaS, you get the same public cloud experience, but with the security and efficiency of a private cloud – a far superior combination.

If you want to learn more around how your company can benefit from private cloud migration, then please reach out on +44 208 734 8107 or send us an email to find out what PCaaS can do for your company.


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