Introducing the Triad: Pillars of Fanatical Support

If you’ve heard of Rackspace before, you’ve probably heard the term “Fanatical Support.”

On a broad level, it’s the no excuses, no exceptions, can-do way of thinking our employees bring to work every day, and it’s about going above and beyond for our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

On a more practical level, Fanatical Support refers to the 24x7x365 live support we provide our customers on the different solutions they’re using— from managed hosting and security services to workloads on Azure and AWS. No matter what you’re using, a Racker is always available to help you out.

That’s the part of Fanatical Support we’ve become known for. Behind-the-scenes though, the operational discipline needed to provide that level of support wouldn’t be possible without our Change, Incident and Problem Management teams, which together form what we call the Rackspace Triad.

The Triad is responsible for tracking, responding to and analyzing maintenance and events that affect our customers and our employees in any way. Through a series of rigorous processes

and methods, these teams work together to solve problems, prevent their reoccurrence and implement lessons learned to constantly improve our company and the customer support we provide.

Let’s break it down team by team:

Change Management — this team, formally called the Technical Change Management Program, is responsible for any technical change to a production environment that has the potential to affect two or more customers. Their mission is to minimize service downtime by ensuring requests for changes are recorded, evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented and reviewed in a controlled and consistent manner.

Incident Management — an incident is any event that affects multiple employees or customers, such as a tool that breaks or a service that fails to deliver properly. Incident Management partners with various technical and support teams to drive towards event resolution. This team is also responsible for communicating internally to Rackspace employees with information regarding the incident, and collaborates with customer support teams to coordinate communications to customers as necessary.

Problem Management – this team is responsible for maintaining the policy, process and methodology involved in getting to issue resolution. The Global Problem Management Process, which standardizes root cause analysis through improvement opportunities, encourages cross-collaboration and empowers teams to own remediation actions and eliminate issue reoccurrence. This structured problem solving methodology improves customer loyalty, maintains the Rackspace brand and drives operational discipline.

Together, these three teams form the foundation of Fanatical Support and make it possible to provide outstanding service to our customers.

“As someone who has been involved with the Triad for some time, it’s been great to see how our level of process maturity has increased over time and how it can make a difference for our customers and employees,” said Sam Moreno, the senior manager responsible for change and problem management.

“Although we are continuously improving and evolving, we have processes and policies in place to ensure we’re properly prepared for any key changes we make at Rackspace. Then, if things do go wrong, we have a team who oversees the incident and pulls together the required teams to resolve as quickly as possible. This is followed by a focus on problem management where we’ve developed and rolled out a methodology for getting to a root cause to avoid these issues in the future.”

Check out the video below, which highlights the Triad’s efforts, and provides further detail about how these individual teams work together to deliver a consistent product for our customers.

Click here to find out more about our expertise and service at scale, and the Fanatical Support our customers receive at Rackspace.


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