Managed security and Google Cloud Platform – a question of trust

With more organisations using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to run critical workloads as part of their multi-cloud strategy, Rackspace Managed Security (RMS) has extended our managed security services provision (MSSP) to GCP.

RMS for GCP is now available in early access to new and existing customers, giving companies using the platform the chance to benefit from enhanced proactive security capabilities. This incorporates rapid intrusion detection and effective incident response, which significantly reduces the time cyber criminals remain undetected in a compromised environment and minimises the overall impact to a business.

I believe our news – which marks the first time a managed security provider is covering GCP – supports the groundswell of trust around multi-cloud strategies. We’re experiencing more businesses being comfortable transitioning to the cloud and the various platforms available. However, one of the key concerns remains security, usually second only to the complexities of migration and moving away from legacy architecture. According to the most recent RightScale State of the Cloud Report, 81% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy with 77% viewing security as a challenge.

Inevitably, there’s a lot of interest in Google and, like a lot of providers, GCP has invested in highly effective native security features. Businesses can be reassured that if they use a platform like GCP, security is built in by design and default. This is a sensible start point, but businesses need to go further, particularly when considering regulatory requirements such as GDPR. Security in cloud is a shared responsibility and organisations need to understand and respond to their own requirements around data protection, when operating multi-cloud solutions.

In an ideal world, an off-the-shelf security ‘silver bullet’ would exist, but this is not a reality. It’s important to assess the organisation’s specific needs before investing in a solution. Examine which requirements can be fulfilled by the cloud platforms’ native security features – GCP or any of the other major providers which are supported by RMS – and weigh up what’s missing; identify real gaps and then implement appropriate solutions into the security strategy to solve for the end-to-end, holistic requirement.

RMS is a good fit for businesses utilising Google’s platform, which desire a proactive security approach; don’t wait for an incident to negatively impact the business. Think enterprise-level managed intrusion detection and incident response. Pre-empt the attacker, actively look for signs that the environment has been compromised, but more importantly be ready to respond and remove the risk rapidly.  Also, if the strategy is one of multi cloud, the same level of security and service is delivered across GCP, Azure and AWS; RMS is cloud-centric and platform agnostic.

Proactive security is enriched by deep understanding of the monitored environment, underpinned by threat intelligence and reinforced through analytics. Technology can recognise certain things but tends to ’know what it knows’ despite the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Unlike trained analysts who know your environment inside out, tech won’t necessarily isolate subtle anomalies and flag them as suspicious. RMS utilises teams of expert analysts working round-the-clock to identify any odd behaviors in data flows; enabled but not totally reliant on technology. Detecting activity that could indicate an attack at various stages of the attack life cycle is critical to enabling rapid detection, subsequent investigation and appropriate escalation to stop the attacker reaching an objective.

Rackspace Managed Security can provide a layer of additional active security, detecting and responding to advanced cyberthreats and using pre-approved actions to promptly remediate security incidents, on GCP and any other platform you choose to fulfill your multi-cloud strategy.

We deliver high-quality expertise and end-to-end support to our customers, and Google know we’ll do the same for theirs. Learn more about out partnership with Google, and the various levels of expertise deployed to help our customers.


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