The Next Generation of Digital Transformation [Videos]

By now almost everyone understands the advantages of cloud deployments. Infrastructure as a Service is no longer the story. It’s the new normal for businesses of all sizes, across industries.

The next phase in the process of digital transformation is not about infrastructure or connectivity; it’s about an improved customer experience through service innovation, continual optimization and ensuring cloud adoption is a competitive asset, not a disruption.

Public cloud capabilities are evolving at a blistering pace, with new services such as artificial intelligence, data services and machine learning providing businesses with increased agility, accelerated productivity, cost reduction opportunities and process automation. The challenge, however, is keeping pace with the latest advancements and assessing how they might be best applied to your specific needs. But that requires effort and expertise that can shift focus away from innovation and growth.

Fortunately, next generation managed service providers understand the challenges of cloud adoption, and more importantly, understand where public cloud is headed.

Gone are the mere “providers” who specialized in facility space, bandwidth and proprietary tools and technologies. Next gen MSPs bring an unbiased, but opinionated, approach to your unique business needs. Whether your ideal solution requires a multi-cloud, multi-vendor or hybrid deployment, an experienced next-gen MSP will assess and recommend which platforms and services best meet your needs without locking you into a specific set of technologies. Use the tools you want, in whatever way that you require, while the next-gen MSP ensures that they integrate seamlessly and scale in concert with you businesses.

Among next-gen MSPs, Rackspace stands out for our breadth of expertise, depth of experience and scope of our partnerships with leading platforms and vendors. We are driven by customer demands and have developed our best-practice approach in response to the unique, real-world challenges our customers face. While it is important for us to invest the latest cloud advancements in order to keep pace with innovation, our most meaningful investment is in customer success. This is truly what make us a next generation MSP. We’re more than just your provider, we are a partner and guide for your ongoing growth and innovation.

To learn more about Rackspace’s next-generation approach to service and how we can help you, check out our five-part video series. Forrester Research Vice President and Chief Analyst of CIO Research James Staten and Rackspace SVP of Managed Public Clouds Prashanth Chandrasekar discuss the emergence of next gen cloud service providers, including how they differ from traditional cloud partners and how organizations are utilizing them today.

Watch “Navigating the Second Phase of Cloud Adoption,” above, then click to check out the other four videos:

Watch the full length discussion between James Staten and Prashanth Chandrasekar here.


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