One of the current year’s new realities: multi-cloud

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At Rackspace, we like to spot trends for the coming year in order to unwrap possibilities and be ready for any surprises. Last year, Emerce published an article including our predictions for 2017. One of them was that multi-cloud would become ‘the new reality’. So, did this prediction come true?

Multi cloud as an ultimate cloud mix

Multi cloud, the accommodation of data with multiple cloud suppliers, is a trend that started at the end of 2016. Within this service, organisations are not only given the choice between multiple suppliers, but also between public and private clouds. Now that the number of suppliers is growing, this is a logical step and a way to meet the demands of different users.

Results driven cloud structure

Studies show that more organisations are choosing to store data in a cloud instead of keeping hard copies. Security is a key reason for this preference, however the additional services that come with a cloud service also make it an attractive option. Multi cloud offers organisations the advantages of multiple clouds instead of one, as well as including the additional services. This allows businesses to divide and store their data in a way that is better suited to their organisational needs.

Additional cloud services for Google

Keeping consumer wishes in mind, we took it one step further last year. In addition to shifting focus towards multi-cloud services, we also added special cloud services to the portfolio. An example is the managed service for the Google Cloud Platform™, thanks to a unique collaboration with Google.

Powerful collaboration with Pivotal

In 2017, Rackspace took two great steps through collaborations with both Google and Pivotal. Thanks to the latter collaboration, the customers of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (one of the most powerful cloud-native platforms in the world) now experience the benefits of a hybrid cloud.

Fanatical support for VMware Cloud on AWS

A third big step in 2017 was taken by announcing the collaboration with VMware Cloud on AWS. Due to this successful collaboration and to Fanatical Support by Rackspace, VMware’s customers can retain the benefits of their current cloud environment as well as easily designing, managing and optimising their applications.

Multi-cloud as the new reality?

With the expansion of the largest data platforms and various services around multi cloud, we are confident in confirming our prediction that multi-cloud can no longer be ignored in large organisational structures. Though smaller organisations and non-IT companies are still somewhat cautious, self-maintaining multi-cloud environments is time-consuming and relatively expensive for them.

Another upcoming trend could make these burdens lighter. This trend is called ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (or ‘Platform-as-a-Service’ or ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’), where additional services are offered to support organisations in maintaining their cloud platforms. Will this be the new reality in 2018?

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