Online gaming and gambling need speed, security and data – and now you can get them all

We recently held a networking event to discuss technology’s influence in the egaming and egambling industries. Our Rackspace representatives were joined by experts from online gambling company LeoVegas, Google Cloud, and data specialists Mango. The conversation was lively and showcased how innovative industries can use the cloud to gain competitive advantages when dealing with customers.

It’s interesting to compare egaming and egambling. Videogaming is digital native – to some extent born in the cloud. It’s all about looking for new technology. The gambling industry is perhaps more cautious when it comes to the cloud, and therefore slower to market. There’s more convincing to do when it comes to the competitive edge you’ll get when migrating to the cloud.

But there are also common themes across these industries. Both are shifting from the traditional to the future, and increasingly have players that live in the moment. Videogames have become multiplayer online events, packed with in-app purchases. Gambling has long moved on from being about betting on an event and awaiting its conclusion; now, in-play betting is big.

Speed, security, agility

In these industries, speed is therefore vital, whether you’re talking about response times for games, or eliminating lag between a live sporting event and the information displayed on a site or in an app. With countless payments happening within these systems, security is of paramount importance as well, and agility is key – the means to deal with future technological changes, pivoting to stay ahead of the competition.

The cloud enables all these things, and much more. LeoVegas infrastructure and operations manager Tomas Eriksson remarked that “migrating to the cloud has allowed for a more personalised experience”. In other words, companies can now dig deep into the data they have, and target individual users with things they might like to buy or play.

Yet gambling and gaming lead for Google Cloud Gauri Davies said businesses still “underestimate the power of data”. She warned that any “organisation with no new ideas is an organisation with no future”. But get your big data and cloud strategy right and “even a small business can reach a global scale”.

The risk, then, is in doing nothing at all, and being outmanoeuvred by the competition, who’ll take advantage of the global scalability that comes with a modernised infrastructure. That said, moving to the cloud is of course not quite as simple as pressing a switch. Gauri noted companies in the gaming and gambling space sometimes struggle: “We see the same problems: running proper proofs of concept; defining success criteria; upskilling a team; working out migration strategies; and foreseeing and dealing with issues.”

A helping hand

Gauri believes Google Cloud is a game-changer, “Because speed is an inherent feature and latency makes the gaming experience. Our private fibre network spans across 33 countries, meaning game data reaches players with the lowest latency possible – critical in today’s free-to-play mobile economy.”

That’s why it’s vital to find the right managed services partner – one that can help you understand security issues and match speed of technology with the agility required in today’s business landscape.

We perform an architecture review, plan out the steps to create a solution for your specific needs, and spot issues that have tripped others up. If you want to help your company prepare for growth and build strategies aligned to your digital transformation, then get in touch with our Google certified experts today on or call +44 203 733 6901.

In the meantime, check out our Google Cloud First Movers Guide and pinpoint where you are on your digital journey, and where you want to go next, wherever you are on your migration journey.


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