Protecting Sensitive Data with Microsoft Office 365

Data loss and corruption can be caused by a variety of scenarios — power outages, security breaches as well as malicious insiders or even employees who make simple mistakes.

Information protection has become a huge area of focus in response to ongoing high-profile data breaches in the U.S., as well as the updated General Data Protection Regulation, which will apply to businesses with customers that reside in the European Union starting in May.

Regardless of where they’re located, every organisation has proprietary or sensitive information that must be protected. Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention is a policy management system designed to protect information that has been flagged as sensitive based on customisable policies.

Data Loss Protection is available from Rackspace with either the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Plan 2 or Office 365 E3 service, and gives admins the power to analyze and protect against accidental or intentional data loss or misuse.

The system helps detect and protect sensitive data where it lives, as it is routed and where it may be shared. This is true whether the data in question is on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business.

When interacting with files, Data Loss Protection comes in the form of tips which are triggered by policies. In OneDrive, policy tips show up in the file properties and alert users to sensitive data they may be working with. The policy auto-detects any confidential information the file may contain. Policies can also be applied when trying to share files which contain sensitive information, and block the ability to share sensitive information outside the company.

Using email, you can notify email senders when they’re about to violate a policy before they send their message. If you attach a document which contains sensitive information, you will see a policy tip about the type of sensitive information the attachment contains and the email may be restricted depending on your settings.

Users can select from numerous policy templates provided by Microsoft, use a template created via the Microsoft partner ecosystem, update an existing template to meet your needs or create a policy from scratch.

Microsoft standard templates include policies to assist with compliance requirements for U.S. Personally Identifiable Information Data, the U.S. Health Insurance Portability Act and more. You can decide which applications (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business) you want to apply the policy for, and identify at which point in the process the security protection is applied (when shared outside your organisation, etc.). You can also configure the kinds of policy notifications you want to have triggered when an attempt is made to execute a prohibited action.

Data Loss Prevention performs deep content analysis to make sure any information you want to protect is kept safe, as well as document fingerprinting, which matches a document to specific policy options that you specify. You set up mail flow rules and can integrate sensitive information rules for the rules you defined. You can also view policy detection reports in order to identify, investigate and resolve policy violations.

Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention is a versatile feature that can help you secure and protect sensitive information and meet compliance requirements as data protection becomes increasingly important and difficult to manage.

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