Introducing Rackspace Cloud Backup: File-Based, Integrated Backup For Cloud Servers With A Managed Service Level

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Rackspace Cloud Backup, a new file-based backup solution for Cloud Servers customers with a Managed Service Level. Rackspace Cloud Backup is fully integrated with Cloud Servers and offers a file-based alternative to backing up the whole server image.

Many of you are used to taking snapshots of your servers (you probably call them server images).  If you have a solution where you want to save the server’s state or configuration, or want to keep gold copies of your system, then you basically create an image backup of the server.  Because it is an image of the whole server, there is really no control over the individual files.  You cannot, say, recover a single file from that image, or update a single file.  But, on the other hand, having a single file to manage (the image) allows you to easily recreate a new server with that identical configuration and state.

Rackspace Cloud Backup, however, is a FILE-BASED backup. This means that you can specify which folders or files to backup or restore.  You can always choose to backup or restore the whole system with all of its folders and files, but the distinction with image backups is that the granularity of Rackspace Cloud Backup is at the file level, as opposed to it being at the whole server image level.

Moreover, Rackspace Cloud Backup is also an INCREMENTAL backup tool.  It only copies the portions of the files that changed for those files that actually changed. This gives you flexibility because, with the possible exception of your first complete backup, every subsequent backup is just a “delta” of the previous backup.  These “deltas” are smaller in size and overall make for faster backups and faster restores and also reduce the amount of storage required. Image backups are not incremental. They are a copy of the system as a whole, every time.

In addition to providing you with more detailed and incremental, file-level granularity for your backups and restores, Rackspace Cloud Backup has the following features and benefits:

  • Customizable Schedule: You can specify when and at what frequency to perform each created backup.
  • Optional AES-256 Encryption: You can choose to use our optional AES-256 encryption with an encryption key that only you know.
  • Compression and De-Duplication: Rackspace Cloud Backup provides automatic compression and de-duplication, increasing backup efficiency and reducing storage space usage, as mentioned above.
  • Monitoring: You can monitor current and historical activity for each of your backups.
  • Unlimited Backups: There is no limit to the number of backups that you can create or the size of each backup.

We think that Rackspace Cloud Backup for Cloud Servers with Managed Service Level is a great addition to your toolkit. Both of these backup techniques, whether image level or file level, have their place and are applicable to different needs. Just remember that, in general, if you need to maintain a copy of an image for re-provisioning of a server in a single step, then just continue using image backups. However, if you need the flexibility to manage backups at the file level, then use Rackspace Cloud Backup.

Finally, as noted above, this launch is currently ONLY available to customers of Cloud Servers with Managed Service Levels. We are working to make sure ALL of you have access to this great service in the future.

Rackspace Cloud Backup fees are included as part of the Cloud Servers with a Managed Service Level offering.  The standard storage fees (which we just lowered from 11 pence to 7 pence per GB per month) will apply to the data backed up.

For more information on how to use this new feature please see the Getting Started with Rackspace Cloud Backup article and Rackspace Cloud Backup Frequently Asked Questions.


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