Rackspace reveals the cost of poor IT customer service

IT professionals at all levels from network architects to CIOs must wake up to the fact that poor customer service is costing UK businesses up to 1 billion man hours a year. Our Rackspace IT Industry Service Report, the first annual snapshot of IT service quality in the UK, found that in 39 per cent of companies’ IT staff are estimated to be losing one working day or more per week on tackling IT problems and chasing suppliers. But the problem is not isolated to technology teams, with other workers right across the business also losing an average of five hours per week due to IT service issues.

The results show that many IT suppliers in the UK today are simply not rising to the standards that their customers rightly expect and IT decision makers are taking note.

Almost half (48 per cent) of respondents of the survey reported that customer service has become an increased priority over the last 12 months, while over a quarter (27 per cent) already regard customer service to be a top priority. Customer service has become a crucial factor in purchasing decisions alongside considerations such as price, security and uptime guarantees.

Satisfactory service is no longer good enough and 7 out of 10 UK companies have voted with their feet in the past year and changed suppliers because of poor quality service. In today’s highly competitive business environment customer support is a crucial factor, which is why Rackspace fosters a culture of ‘Fanatical Support’. We see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ IT teams and will go out of our way to make sure clients receive the best support.

Fifty-eight per cent of respondents said service was becoming increasingly important because technology is becoming more critical to the success of their business. Other factors driving the growing importance of service were a faster-paced business environment (41 per cent) and a heavier reliance on off-premise IT (39 per cent).

As cloud computing transitions IT from fixed term contracts to a ‘pay as you go’ utility model, service delivery at all levels must adapt accordingly to the increased priority. Meeting the rising challenge and operating effectively inside this new model is the only way forward, so if IT service providers fail to recognise this then performance failures will not be far behind.

Read the full paper and find out the most common causes for complaint and the channels IT decision makers prefer to use to deal with them. Be sure to check out and share our infographic below.

Cost of poor service-Rackspace infographic

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