Roll-up, roll-up: Open Cloud is ready for business!

15th August will go down in history as the day we officially made OpenStack the engine of our public cloud. So, what better way to celebrate than with a funfair right outside Rackspace UK HQ. It sounds a bit crazy but we know we’re standing on the brink of an IT revolution and we’re right there at the front waving our open standards among the leaders!
By encouraging the use of Open Standards, our customers gain certainty that their data can be moved between applications, avoiding lock-in with any one vendor. It’s about providing choice and flexibility. Of course, Rackspace Fanatical Support will be available to ensure that whilst you can leave us at any time, you just won’t want to!

Customers will reap the benefits of our open model as both Rackspace and developers all over the world are constantly building new features around the code base so it continues to innovate and grow. In the same way that open source technology paved the way for Android’s explosion onto the market, expect to see the same for open cloud.

So, in true Rackspace style, we celebrated with the Open Cloud launch fair. Mystic Nige aka Nigel Beighton, VP Technology became our resident fortune teller, Rackers manned stalls ranging from coconut shys to product and training stalls, and all managers were called to the Dunking station to be soaked by their team members. We lost count when John Webb, SMB Marketing Director had shivered through more than ten dunkings – oh the perils of rank!

Commemoration hoodies were the hottest commodity of the afternoon with candyfloss and hotdogs trailing behind. Available to win for those Rackers who displayed the most Cloud knowledge, they incited anyone who wasn’t getting answers 100% correct to visit the Cloud product stands, seek more information and perhaps even wheedle a ‘pity’ hoodie. The ‘Fanatical about cloud’ hoodie is now being proudly modelled around the office.

And we are fanatical about our Open Cloud. We were on the cusp of a similar revolution ten years ago and we aced it. Why? Because it turns out that the world wanted Fanatical Support and to see David standing up to a few Goliaths. Our customers continue to show that they ultimately prefer a supportive partner whom they choose to stay with rather than being locked in. And the enthusiastically attended fair showed just why they do. Despite the rain and clouds (somewhat fitting perhaps!) our Rackers arrived with a great sense of fun, as great friends and with a healthy element of competition!


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