The Importance of Being Connected

Computers connectedFor quite some time, we’ve been listening to the debate about network neutrality and whether the internet will cope with all of the extra traffic on it. According to a study some years ago by Cisco, traffic running across the network will surpass a zettabyte by 2010 ( and many organisations are clearly worried by this. Whilst the fixed network technology has been steadily upgraded over the decades, mobile networks are still in their infancy. Indeed, Ofcom recently asked for comments on how to deal with rising mobile traffic. (

Here at Rackspace, we do know that however you access it, the web is an increasingly large part of our lives, which is why we offer zero downtime guarantees on our hosting plans. We’re keenly looking at how the future is changing and how we may have the power to shape the future of it, most notably via our involvement with cloud computing and the OpenStack initiative which we launched last week. Through this initiative, we’re working for good to unify open source cloud standards in much the same way as Linux did for Unix. 

However, there’s one thing which isn’t in any doubt – the internet will continue to become inextricably intertwined with our lives, and we’ll be keeping an eagle eye on developments.


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