Unpacking OpenStack with the Rackspace Tech Series

OpenStack is a complex set of projects, and it’s hard to know exactly how to ramp up your knowledge and competency. Finding your way through the myriad of docs, wikis and blogs for those that are new to OpenStack can be quite a task.

Trying to decipher which projects you need and how they interact can result in frustration, dead ends and wasted time. Even worse, finding a reliable partner to help you navigate through all the noise can be challenging.

But don’t despair. You and your company can benefit from our expertise; we’ve been with OpenStack since its inception and can help you understand what it is and how to use it. At Rackspace, our OpenStack training experts have a long record of successfully training thousands of students on OpenStack and achieving world-class Net Promotor Scores. Though we’re happy with our results, we’re always trying to do more. So, we’re mixing things up a little.

Our current training course portfolio is being transformed into a set of newly created, smaller modules that will allow you to quickly learn about OpenStack, apply the knowledge you’ve gained and return for more training based on your needs. Our trainers have created a curriculum that provides an effective and efficient path toward OpenStack expertise for you and your company.

Once you understand how to use OpenStack, you can:

  • Use an OpenStack cloud more efficiently and effectively to elevate your business.
  • Reduce cost by understanding usage and capacity.
  • Prevent the need for rework or re-architecture of your current environment.
  • Accelerate your software development process with simplified infrastructure.

This summer, we’re introducing the Rackspace Tech Series, which consists of four levels:

For those who need to develop OpenStack skills quickly and efficiently:

  • Level 100 provides foundational knowledge to effectively use an OpenStack cloud.
  • Level 200 is where our students learn to apply their knowledge by using the CLI or the dashboard for each project.
  • Level 300 and 400 provide advanced users a way to learn best practices and solve complex problems with OpenStack.

Each quarter we will introduce new modules that will provide deep dives into different areas of OpenStack. More advanced levels will include hands-on labs to give students real-world experience.

We’ll be kicking off the Rackspace Tech Series with “The Hello World of OpenStack.” In this episode, you will learn the basics of what it takes to deploy an instance in OpenStack. This live remote class runs one hour and features a lecture-style lesson and a Q&A session with one of our talented trainers.

Please join us as we launch this new and exciting program on August 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm CDT.

Be sure to register quickly, seats are limited!

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Aurora Mendiola is the senior manager for global talent development at Rackspace, where she's worked since 2006. In her current role, she is responsible for overseeing commercial and private training operations for OpenStack and Rackspace Private Cloud. Prior to that, she was the senior manager for the MyRackspace Customer Portal. Aurora has a BBA in international business from St. Mary's University and a BS in electronic commerce as well as an MBA in electronic commerce from Our Lady of the Lake University.


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