Webinar – don’t let the cloud skills gap become a skills crisis

I thoroughly enjoyed joining Computing to discuss the cloud skills gap and what this means for businesses. It was an interesting and thought-provoking discussion which provided some suggestions on how to hire the right talent, whether that’s to support new cloud initiatives, or managing those already underway. A few key takeaways from me:

  • Multi-Cloud skills are the biggest challenge for organisations when considering adopting cloud technologies, therefore we need to think about how we are training our future employees for tomorrow’s technologies
  • A cloud talent strategy starts with understanding the demand that is coming from the business units, and should be a conversation for the whole businesses, not just the IT team
  • Being able to afford the right skilled person for the job, or trying to entice people into an industry that isn’t ‘sexy’ are the main reasons recruiting and retaining the right talent is a challenge.

Feel free to have a watch of the on-demand webinar as featured above, I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as I did!

If you would like to find out more about the skills gap, why don’t you have a read of our Cost of Expertise report referenced in this webinar.

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Before joining Rackspace as EMEA Chief Technology Officer, Lee gathered his experience developing and delivering industry leading cloud, analytics and SAP services for global organisations, culminating in an innovation award for building BP’s first multi-cloud platform. As part of the Betfair team he was responsible for the delivery of a Devops driven platform that performed more transactions than all the European stock markets each day. Lee recently moved into IT services and using his experience he has delivered global cloud transformations, advanced analytics platforms and cloud inspired organisational transformation for a number of major organisations. At Rackspace, Lee is responsible for helping our customers maximise their cloud investments across people, process and technology as well developing new Rackspace products and services. Lee is a proud father of four, and you may well find him managing an under 12 football team, striking a golf ball in random directions and partaking in Rugby League matches.


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