Understanding Permissions In Office 365: The Basics

When you are first getting started with SharePoint it can often be difficult to understand exactly how permissions work or how you need to go about configuring them to get the specific access you need for your users.

In this blog post we want to share with you some simple videos that will provide additional insight on the basics of permissions. These have been created specifically to highlight how to work with Office 365 sites, however most of the information presented can also be used for on premise or hosted scenarios. In this post we have three different videos that highlight the basics, including:

  • Video 1:  An Overview Of Permissions
  • Video 2: Creating New Users And Granting Them Access
  • Video 3: Introduction To The Pages used To Manage Permissions

These videos will help you understand at a very high level how permissions are managed within SharePoint Online sites and should help you start to understand what types of activities will need to be done as you start to map out your permissions strategy.




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