Unknown Webmail Features

Mike, one of our software developers, has a good post on some of the features we’ve recently added to webmail that most users probably don’t know about. In summary, they are:
Purge any Folder
If you Alt+Click on a folder link in the left menu (or hold down the letter ‘z’ while clicking), you’ll get the option to purge it of all messages. Good for breakups.
Read Message in Plain Text
If you Alt+Click or Alt+DoubleClick an email message, it will display that email message in plain text. Useful for opening spam.
Drag Checkboxes (only works on the email list)
Click on a checkbox and hold down the mouse button as you roll over other checkboxes. It’s an easy way to select multiple mailboxes, and works for unselecting too. Once you play around with this and get used to it, you miss it when it’s not available.
Keyboard Shortcuts (only works on the email list)
Press the up or down arrows to navigate through the messages in your mailbox. Also, pressing the ‘Delete’ key will delete the message and open up the next one in line.
Delete Messages Permanently (only works on the email list)
If you hold down the shift key while pressing the ‘Delete’ button above the email list, any messages selected will be deleted from your system permanently, even if deleting messages normally moves them to trash. Be careful!

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