Untangling the Complexity of Cloud Computing — an Australasian Perspective

How managed cloud services can deliver better value and expertise for your organisation.

cloud computing

Australia and New Zealand’s digital economy is booming. People crave exceptional online experiences using technology to run, manage, engage, purchase and operate with or within businesses.

Businesses have responded rapidly to this growth with more computing power and increased capacity than ever before. For without the ability to scale quickly, customers and revenue will go to competitors that offer a more timely and delightful experience.

Rackspace recently partnered with IDG to assess ANZ businesses’ use of the cloud, talking to 100 senior IT professionals across the region about their cloud behaviours and practices.

Cloud Computing Resource and Skills

Two-thirds of organisations surveyed run two or more distinct cloud services, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the growth and prevalence of cloud within the framework of business today. The most surprising insight was the higher than expected number of organisations (13 per cent) using six cloud services or more.

With so many clouds to manage, each playing a critical role in the function of their business, correct support and knowledge of the technology is crucial to the longevity and growth of the business.

Our customers come to us because unmanaged clouds present them with a number of challenges, namely lack of skills and dealing with multiple platforms that just can’t be ‘tamed’ internally.

Nearly half (44 per cent) of respondents said their biggest challenge with cloud was technical staff administration time. This was followed by lack of internal expertise.

In today’s competitive hiring environment — and the pace at which technology changes — it is not easy for organisations to acquire the necessary amount of resources and skills required to manage cloud services effectively.

The proliferation of cloud services presents a good opportunity for the adoption of managed cloud services. Providers can recommend and architect a more economical and optimal use of different services, computing and storage resources.

With technology touching almost every facet of a business today, working with a managed cloud provider is a cost effective way to ensure that your business continues to perform and serve up remarkable experiences to customers.

Big Returns with Cloud Solutions

The report uncovered that IT sees an immediate return to the business when working with managed cloud providers. Other accrued benefits include compliance and security risk reduction. Support for operations, including both technical and end-user staff, has the immediate impact of reducing operational complexity.

To support this, a significant chunk of the survey sample (40 per cent) named greater operational simplicity as the most valuable benefit of having a managed cloud service.

Other support factors, such as maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as a single point of contact are all rated highly by senior IT professionals when considering the benefits of managed cloud services.

Reduced cost ranked fourth on the list of most valued managed cloud benefits. This tells us that the cost of managed cloud returns noticeable dividends in other areas of the IT portfolio.


Managed cloud service providers offer organisations an opportunity to simplify operations, reduce costs and improve compliance and security. They can work alongside organisations to architect, build and deploy innovative ways to scale for future growth across multiple platforms and complex workloads.

This delivers a platform for long-term innovation, leading to a significant improvement in organisational and customer outcomes and ultimately IT’s alignment to strategic business objectives.

Download the white paper to review the full study and read the results.

Angus is Director and General Manager for Rackspace in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for driving Rackspace’s growth in the region and establishing local teams to ensure that Australian and New Zealand customers receive Rackspace’s famous Fanatical Support. Prior to this role, Angus was Rackspace’s Director of Operations for Australia and New Zealand. During this time, he played an important part in setting up operational aspects of Rackspace’s local business to support future growth and also in coordinating teams to ensure a successful build and launch of the Rackspace Open Cloud in Australia.


  1. That’s cool that managed cloud service providers can help simplify operations. The greatest things in life are simple. It sounds like it would be a great help for making sure that everything is organised as well.

  2. Thanks Angus for an Australasian perspective on the cloud. Indeed, cloud technology is continuously helping businesses to enhance their reach both nationally and globally even with low cost, streamline their operations and enhance their productivity.
    Along with the positives, there are some aspects that need to be considered and one should have enough knowledge about, like technical glitches, data security which requires a lot of expertise to handle.


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