Upcoming Webinar: Discovering A Culture Of Analytics At Rackspace

Pulling data was miserable. It took finding a developer, getting funding from finance, writing a complicated requirements document and a great deal of time. And even then, what you got was seldom what you wanted in the first place.

Business Intelligence has evolved at Rackspace. Through the power of QlikView, Rackspace business users have been empowered. Single business analysts are now building full suites of reporting and dashboards through which we have visibility into our data. IT is far less inundated with requests and can concentrate on its core competencies. End users have 24×7 access to the right data, when they need it, to make critical decisions.

Join me, Andy Quirin, Product Marketing Analyst, Monday, December 10 at 1:00 p.m. EST, as I tell the story of Rackspace’s achievements in Business Discovery. Through the power of QlikView, Rackspace has shifted the reporting paradigm from IT into the business, greatly expanding the power of business intelligence reporting while decreasing its cost and time to create. Joining me will be QlikTech Senior Director of Global Product Marketing Erica Driver.

Sign up for the webinar here: http://www.cio.com/webcast/721451/Discovering_a_Culture_of_Analytics_at_Rackspace

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