Upping Our Marketing Game @ SXSW [Infographic]

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Dominic Smith | August 20, 2013 7:00 am

Like most digital marketers, we like to measure things—cost per click, cost per acquisition, number of unique visitors. Name a marketing acronym and we probably measure it. When we talk to marketers using our infrastructure for their campaigns, they send the same message—“Give me a real-time dashboard with metrics because I like to watch the needle move.”

But how do you fully measure and capture an integrated campaign at a national tech conference?

With registration open for South by Southwest Interactive 2014, we decided to take a deep dive into our efforts at the 2013 conference. Twitter’s case study[1] on how we used their social platform back in March spurred us on.

We wanted to know how our social, mobile, advertising and sponsorship efforts around SXSW Interactive 2013 combined under the banner of “Open Cloud.” When we took over Champions Sports Bar, hung a five-story banner on the side of the building and declared it our Open Cloud HQ, was our message received? Did our “Up Your Game” T-shirts and shrink-wrapped festival buses get the right kind of attention? Did the metrics tell the whole story?

The infographic below tries to capture and measure our marketing footprint at this year’s conference. In putting it together, we were seeking the middle ground between “marketing as science” and “marketing as art.”

Click through the infographic and you’ll discover:

Hope to see you at SXSW Interactive 2014. We’ll save you a T-shirt.

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