Use your cell phone for calendar reminders

Like most people these days, I am addicted to my BlackBerry. You can find me walking down the street with device in hand, eating lunch with one eye on the phone, or checking my email in meetings. Ah, meetings. Most of my life is actually spent in meetings. Because of this hectic schedule, I need more reminders than ever to let me know where I need to be and when I need to be there. Luckily, Noteworthy allows for all types of reminders for calendar events. My favorite, just happens to be the text message feature.
This way, my reminder comes directly to the device that is without a doubt already in my hand. It tells me where to go and gives me ample time to be there. In fact, I can set up the text to remind me anywhere from 2 weeks before the event, up to 5 minutes before the event. This frees up my memory for other important events (such as the score of last night’s game, or the lyrics to my new favorite song). The point is, Noteworthy takes half of the hassle out of my life. Now, if we can just develop something that will actually go to the meetings for me…


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