Using Deployment Services At Rackspace To Quickly Create Cloud Configurations

With the arrival of Deployments in the Control Panel, you now have the ability to easily deploy applications and frameworks to the cloud. This allows developers to focus on their code instead of spending time architecting and setting up their production, test, or development environments. But people want to know, is this service ready for prime time?

Absolutely. In fact, we have been using Deployment Services inside Rackspace for several months now. This solution has enabled our teams to rapidly produce tried-and-true environments for customers to handle high production loads. Learn more about how Rackspace has used Deployment Services internally, including how our Managed Cloud team was able to get a robust customer configuration up in three hours to handle an incredible amount of traffic from Shark Tank, in this video below.

Find our more about Rackspace Deployment Services by reading Ziad’s introduction post. Next week, Ziad talks about having developers in mind while making this service.



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