Using Magento In The Hybrid Cloud: Google+ Hangout Recap

I know that it may be hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. If you have an ecommerce site, or have aspirations to set up an ecommerce solution, you need to start preparing now.

During our Google+ Office Hours Hangout last week we talked about using Magento, an open source ecommerce application that can help you with your online sales. I’ve embedded the video of the entire Hangout at the bottom of the post, and you can check out the highlights below (however, you will have to pardon our “pirate patches” – we did it in the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day…arrr).

  • Racker Eric Cavalcanti was a former customer who has used Magento since its inception. He started using it when his wife wanted to run an ecommerce store.  Eric gives a little information about his background, how he started one of the first blogs on Magento and became a Magento consultant.
  • With the holiday season coming up, Eric gives some pointers that a Magento user should get in place now in order to scale for seasonal demand. He suggests putting a load balancer in place, lowering your DNS TTLS, separating your web and database nodes, implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and using technology to cache your content for snappier page load times.
  • Eric and I had a chance to talk about the advantages of the hybrid cloud, in particular the security of a physical firewall, increasing the database performance as well as having PCI compliant site. I go on to talk about how the cloud is not an “all or nothing” proposition—you don’t have to move your entire configuration to the cloud. Instead, you can move the pieces and workloads that make sense over to the cloud and keep the remainder of your stack on physical servers.

That’s the recap from our previous show, if you are an ecommerce customer or are looking to set up a Magento site, I would highly recommend watching the entire video below. We‘ll be back for our next Hangout this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. CST. We’ll share tips and tricks to prepare your site for increased holiday shopping traffic. You can sign up here to participate in the Google+ Hangout. We look forward to seeing you then!

Alan is a former Racker, who also helped create the Stevie Award winning onboarding program for cloud collaboration suite Central Desktop, working directly with companies and organizations like, Sesame Workshop, and IEEE. When he's not helping customers learn how to build awesome things in the cloud, he can be found performing improv comedy with ComedySportz San Antonio, or volunteering with the Alamo Beard Club.


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