Using the new control panel to create new private label webmail sites

One of the major additions to our new control panel is ability for resellers to provision their own private label webmail sites.  SSL-enabled private label webmail sites still need to be provisioned by our support team, but in many cases our resellers can now take care of most of their own private label requests.  What follows is a step-by-step walkthrough of the private label process

First, set up a DNS entry for the hostname that will become the webmail site.  Make it a CNAME entry that points to
Next, login to your administrative control panel.  Click on Reseller Tools, then Webmail Sites.  Search for the name of your customer who will be receiving the new private label site.  Just beneath their company name, click the option to Add Webmail Site

In the box labeled Webmail Site, enter the hostname of the private label webmail site (e.g.  Most of the time, you will take the default option to ‘Create a new webmail site and start with the following interface:’.  The default template is a nice-looking but unbranded webmail interface.  You can choose from the drop-down list to copy the design of any other webmail site your company has already completed.
By default, the box is checked that will allow your customer to edit the webmail interface for their own webmail site

Finally, click ‘Create Webmail Site’, and you’re done.
You may edit the fonts, colors, header, and footer of the new webmail site using the option Webmail Settings on the left menu.

The entire process in our control panel now takes less than one minute!


Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.


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