uTest Gives You User Feedback Before You Launch

    Picture this:
    South by Southwest is next week. You are planning to make the biggest announcement of your company’s lifespan and your career at the event. The adrenaline is pumping. Your beta users are excited about your idea and it looks like you are going to be the next Twitter.

    And then they hit.

    Bugs. Lots of them. Users are dropping off like flies. Your app is crashing. A couple of people have said they find your GUI confusing. European users report that it’s loading too slowly. How could all of this be so? You combed over the code a million times and hired a usability expert.

    People are no longer interested in your product. Your president/angel investor/VC will not be pleased.

    As many problems as you can plan for, there is no substitution for a community of users from around the globe who can report bugs or offer feedback on usability or functionality. There is no substitute for responsible load testing either. How do you get multiple perspectives from users without the potential for losing quality or high numbers of customers?

    uTest, a new Rackspace Cloud Featured Partner, is solving this issue. uTest provides on-demand testing services for web, mobile and desktop applications through its community of 20,000+ professional testers from 160 countries around the globe.

    1.) Sign up for a free uTest account and specify what you would like to test.
    2.) uTest will find test users who match your requirements
    3.) These users will review your application under real-world conditions and offer constructive feedback. Since they field a variety of test users by skill set and other uTest customers rate them, you can be assured that you’ll get the feedback you need.
    4.) You can view bugs and feedback in real-time. Your uTest account holds all of your new projects including bug and user feedback. You can approve, reject or request more information from testers for each reported defect.

    And since testing occurs in real-time, uTest helps you get new apps and versions to market more quickly.

    Well executed QA means you won’t be turning users into guinea pigs anytime you offer a launch or an upgrade. With so many OS, browsers and plug-ins, and so many different types of users out there, it’s too hard to account for all of it yourself.

    To learn more about how you and your app can always be prepared, we are planning a QA webinar on Thursday, February 11 with the people from uTest. Email me at michelle.greer(at)rackspace.com and we’ll make sure you are signed up to learn more or with any questions you may have.

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    1. I am one of the professional testers at uTest and I would add that customers can sign up for a test cycle and get results within hours of the release of a URI to a new site. uTest has a huge community of people eager for work. The crowd is just waiting for you to show them something new and they will jump on it right away!

    2. @Paul, thanks for the additional info. As someone who gets peeved when I download or sign up for an app only to see a horrible UI or lots of bugs, I thank you!


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