VIDEO: OpenStack Summit Day Three: We’re Hiring

OpenStack isn’t just leading the charge to open clouds; it’s creating jobs – hundreds of them.

More than half of the attendees at the Wednesday morning keynotes at OpenStack Summit San Diego raised their hands when asked by OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce if they’re hiring.

Rackspace itself has a host of OpenStack-focused positions open; and it isn’t alone. According to Rackspace Cloud Evangelist Niki Acosta, there are currently more than 900 jobs available in the U.S. that list OpenStack in the description. What’s more? There are OpenStack jobs available in 23 different countries.

Here, we talk to Acosta; John Purrier, CTO at AppFog; Gretchen Curtis, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Piston Cloud Computing; Mike Metral, formerly of Sandia Labs and current Enterprise Architect at Rackspace; and John Dickinson, Director of Technology at SwiftStack and PTL for OpenStack Swift about why OpenStack has sparked such great demand in the job market.

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