VIDEO: OpenStack Summit Day Two: A Look At SDKs

At OpenStack Summit San Diego this week Rackspace released a pair of software development kits (SDKs) to make it easier for developers to build applications and accelerate their adoption of the cloud.

The SDKs make it easier for developers to leverage the OpenStack APIs and also provide documentation and tested, working sample code that developers can use for their applications today. The first two SDKs are for Java and PHP, with other languages to come. The Rackspace Cloud SDK for Java leverages the jclouds open-source library and has full support for OpenStack Nova (Rackspace Cloud Servers) and OpenStack Swift (Rackspace Cloud Files); and the Rackspace Cloud SDK for PHP uses the Rackspace-developed php-opencloud library, which supports Nova, Swift, Rackspace Cloud Networks (preview access) and Rackspace Cloud Databases. You can learn more about the SDKs here:

In this video, Rackspace Developer Advocate Everett Toews talks with Rackspace Videographer about the new SDKs, what they do and who they’re for.

Toews will talk more about the SDKs Thursday at 3:20 p.m. PDT during his session “Control the Clouds; Developer Experience with jclouds.”

Be sure to check out more news and updates from the Summit. And join Rackspace’s experts at various presentations and sessions throughout the rest of the week.



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