Solving For the Cloud: Cloud Migration vs. IT Transformation [VIDEO]

Rackspace, Microsoft and Guest Forrester Research Discuss All Things Cloud Computing

Last week we introduced a new video series, “Solving for the Cloud,” in which Rackspace experts are joined by their industry counterparts to discuss all things cloud computing.

Forrester Research Principal Analyst Bill Martorelli moderates these discussions, and is joined by General Manager and Chief Strategist for Microsoft’s Cloud + Enterprise Division James Staten, and Chief Technologist Jeff DeVerter, who oversees the portfolio of Microsoft offerings at Rackspace.

The first video in the series looks at the history of cloud adoption and why the need for additional flexibility has become more important than the desire for lower costs.

The next videos dive a bit deeper into the nuts and bolts of cloud deployments, and offer actionable advice for businesses who have made the decision to harness some aspect of cloud computing, but need more detail when it comes to the many options awaiting them.

solving for the cloud

Watch the full-length videos here!

Cloud Migration vs. IT Transformation,” which is the topic of the second video in the series, tackles a big question awaiting those who have decided to move to the cloud, but aren’t sure of the best way forward.

Because businesses have so many applications to consider when moving to the cloud, there is understandable confusion as to what that movement should look like. Do they pursue a path of migration, or simply “lifting and shifting” those apps, or should they consider transforming their applications to a more “cloud aware” state, before they move them out of their legacy environments?

The truth is, every business will approach these questions differently, and will arrive at answers that fit their specific use cases. What belongs in the cloud and why is going to be different for every business, but making sure this question has been properly considered can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful cloud deployment.

Check out the video for a deeper discussion of these questions and tips that can help you better approach them. And stay tuned as we continue to add topics to this great new series. Enjoy!

Jeff is a chief technologist for Rackspace. He has been working with SharePoint since the early 2003 product year and is the architect and builder of Rackspace’s SharePoint support offering. Jeff has designed and installed over 150 SharePoint farms for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms. Today he is the GM of the Rackspace Microsoft Private Cloud group.


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