Solving for the Cloud: The Hybrid Cloud Journey [VIDEO]

After offering a macro view of cloud adoption and examining the differences between cloud migration and IT transformation, the third installment of our ongoing video series “Solving for the Cloud,” takes a closer look at what a hybrid cloud model means for different businesses.

The series, which is moderated by Forrester Research Principal Analyst Bill Martorelli, also features General Manager and Chief Strategist for Microsoft’s Cloud + Enterprise Division James Staten, and myself, a chief technologist at Rackspace who oversees the portfolio of Microsoft offerings.

In this third part of the series, “The Hybrid Cloud Journey,” the panel begins with a baseline definition of hybrid cloud, namely the presence of more than one cloud model being used alongside another. From there however, they offer different insights as to how businesses can better manage their hybrid state.

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The panel also examines whether hybrid cloud is an end destination, or a step on the journey to public cloud, with the answer really depending on each business’ use case and specific deployment of solutions.

As I point out in the video, every hybrid cloud model should be tuned to the unique comfort level of each and every business, but I also believe governance plays a big role in the success (or lack thereof) of a hybrid cloud deployment.

A company needs to be really crisp and clear about where they’re comfortable with their data and their processing living, and then how they control and enable their users to get the most out of those applications.

Check out the video for a deeper discussion of these questions and tips that can help you better manage your hybrid cloud. And stay tuned as we continue to add topics to this great new series. Enjoy!

Jeff is a chief technologist for Rackspace. He has been working with SharePoint since the early 2003 product year and is the architect and builder of Rackspace’s SharePoint support offering. Jeff has designed and installed over 150 SharePoint farms for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms. Today he is the GM of the Rackspace Microsoft Private Cloud group.


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