Video Streaming The Right Way In Joomla

Often times Rackspace customers and potential customers ask me about the best way to stream video on their Joomla site. This depends on how many users they plan to stream the video to along with how large the file might be. These are some of the technical considerations that you need to think of before mapping out your Joomla environment.

Whether you serve a moderate amount of very large videos, or a large amount of smaller videos, you can push a lot of bandwidth to support the steaming. To alleviate some of the stress on your server, you can upload your larger media files to our Cloud Files infrastructure to be distributed over the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

In addition to not burdening your server, a huge advantage of serving the files over the CDN is that the content will be cached on geographically dispersed servers, which results in faster video streaming performance for your end user.

Finally, in order to keep the same look and feel on your website, you might want to use a Joomla component to stream your video instead of embedding your video from one of the video sharing sites. These video streaming components are available for purchase and can connect to your video media on the CDN while preserving your overall site design.

Joshua Hatfield is a sales manager and long term Racker who specializes in helping customers architect their technical configuration. He is also an active contributor to the open source community, including Joomla, OpenStack and WordPress. When he is not at Rackspace, he enjoys fishing, hunting and short walks on the beach.


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