Visualize and Search MongoDB in Minutes with Data Connectors by ObjectRocket

It’s no surprise that the continued adoption of DevOps methodologies is disrupting traditional business models, creating some challenges along the way.

The obstacles to achieving competitive results are great and the pitfalls many. Maintaining a connection between the needed technologies for effective cross data analysis presents an even larger set of problems, and requires a team of skilled professionals.

Struggles with more cost-effective solutions, faster delivery of new features or applications and a focus on innovation are leading to a lack of relevant skills and expertise available in-house.

With those pain points in mind, the Rackspace data team today unveiled Early Access for Data Connectors, allowing you to intelligently move and analyze data that previously required a lot of coding, and posed significant difficulties when integrating with BI and data visualization tools.

Now, with built-in automation for ObjectRocket Elasticsearch for example, you can seamlessly connect MongoDB instances to Elasticsearch and Kibana.

While ObjectRocket MongoDB offers a faster way to build and scale applications for a variety of use cases, including Internet of Things, mobile, personalization and content management, Elasticsearch and Kibana help you search and analyze data with customizable dashboards, unlocking insights and visualizations from a range of sources.

As described in a recent post published on the ObjectRocket Blog, Data Connectors simplify the task of moving between these data sources and tools without the time-consuming and expensive investment required at the onset.

In addition to the technical capabilities that come with Data Connectors, customers have already provided positive feedback about the Fanatical Support that comes with them.

“The support experience of ObjectRocket Data Connectors has been better than expected with quick answers, providing a very smooth process,” said Matt Janssen, Senior PHP Engineer at Nerdery. “For any mid to large size app these days, it only makes sense to leave the management of infrastructure to a team like ObjectRocket.”

We’re working to take Data Connectors a step further by providing features such as guided schema analysis, which makes index mapping easier, both with initial configuration and more importantly, as your data grows and changes. And we’re not stopping there. In the future, the ability to connect data stores such as Elasticsearch and Apache Hadoop will allow our customers to continue to realize our vision of a unified data pipeline to fuel their business.

With fully-managed, seamlessly connected data stores, ObjectRocket by Rackspace has taken yet another step in providing access to tools like Kibana for new, predictive patterns, making your data plane easy. With Data Connectors, you’ll be able to focus more on what really matters — your business — as opposed to database administration and the hassle of connecting different data stores with one another.

“We believe that application developers should never have to worry about their databases,” said ObjectRocket Co-founder and General Manager of Data at Rackspace Chris Lalonde. “At ObjectRocket, we’re taking another step toward that goal. Data connectors will make developers’ lives easier and allow them to focus on their business.”

Start your 30 day free trial and experience fully managed Elasticsearch backed by Fanatical Support. Stay tuned as we continue to incorporate data workflows into our products and lead the data industry.

Kyle Hunter was the product marketing manager for ObjectRocket solutions at Rackspace. He is a seasoned IT professional with an long-standing record of driving technical vision, future roadmaps, architecture, strategic planning, software development, product management and product marketing. Kyle’s focus and expertise in new data platforms has positioned him as a go-to resource for users looking to implement large scale data platforms successfully.


  1. Presently, with implicit computerisation for Object Rocket Elastic search for instance, you can flawlessly associate MongoDB occurrences to Elastic search and Kibana. Its a great article I appreciate the work..


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