VMworld 2013: Rackspace Thought Leaders Talk Open Source, DevOps And More

This week, we touched down in San Francisco for four days of wall-to-wall coverage on virtualization and the cloud at VMworld 2013. The 10th anniversary of VMware’s annual user conference brought in more than 22,000 attendees, from developers and architects, to evangelists and business executives.

At VMworld, three of Rackspace’s best sat down with SiliconAngle Founder and CEO John Furrier for conversations on OpenStack, the hybrid cloud and the changing DevOps culture.

Rackspace CMO Rick Jackson talked about the increasing momentum of open source technologies like OpenStack. He said the growing popularity of the cloud indicates the birth of a new era of how applications will be developed and designed. Those applications are being created by developers, who have become the bellwethers of open source environments like OpenStack.

See Rick’s full interview with SiliconAngle and Wikibon Chief Analyst Dave Vellante here:

In the second video, Rackspace Director of Strategy Scott Sanchez (@scottsanchez ) discusses the disruptions of the cloud to the technology landscape. One key change is that developers are beginning to have more power. In previous years, hardware was a limiting factor because developers who dreamed up applications could only implement them based on the physical infrastructure that was available at the time. Now, software has become the new hardware – and hardware is becoming a resource that can be provisioned.

Check out Scott’s interview with SiliconAngle and Wikibon Senior Analyst Stu Miniman here:

Rackspace Chief Technology Officer of Global Enterprise Solutions Sean Wedige also joined the conversation to talk about building momentum in the OpenStack community. In his interview, Sean highlighted the huge installation of VMware infrastructure that Rackspace has available for customers. With this added functionality, Rackspace can continue to place workloads where they run best.

Check out Sean’s interview at VMware 2013 here:

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