VPN Gateway, Firewall And NAT Capabilities Now Available In The Open Cloud

Filed in Product & Development by Sameer Satyam | May 30, 2013 8:23 am

Rackspace customers can now use the Brocade Vyatta vRouter, a software-based networking appliance, in the next generation open cloud.

The Brocade Vyatta vRouter, which is available now through a Limited Availability Program, is a comprehensive networking and security solution that provides you with VPN gateway functionality, a powerful and easy-to-configure network-based firewall, NAT and routing capabilities. With these capabilities, you get the benefits of increased security and the ability to expand your IT resources in the Rackspace open cloud[1] while minimizing costs.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Brocade Vyatta vRouter:


With the Brocade Vyatta vRouter you pay an hourly price based on the size of the instance you select. The minimum instance size needed to run the appliance is 1GB. Please refer to the US pricing webpage or the UK pricing webpage, depending on your region.


If you would like to apply for access, please visit the Brocade Vyatta vRouter Limited Availability Program page.[3]

In the “Limited Availability” phase, you will be able to run production workloads and receive Fanatical Support 365x24x7. Please note that we have not released the UI functionality in the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel, which means that you will need to use the Command-Line-Interface (CLI) to configure the appliance for your specific purposes and scenarios. In addition, the Brocade Vyatta vRouter is available today only for Core Cloud accounts, which means RackConnect[4] customers and Managed Cloud[5] customers will not be able to participate.

We are actively working on exposing the functionality of the Brocade Vyatta vRouter in the Control Panel and on extending our support to customers with Managed Cloud service levels. Watch this space for more updates soon!


To learn more about the use cases, configurations and operation of the Brocade Vyatta vRouter, please see the following reference articles:

As always, we deeply value your feedback and look forward to helping you deploy secure and distributed applications in the Rackspace open cloud.

Please see http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/servers/vrouter/[14] for more details.

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