Want Fanatical Support For Google Apps For Work? You Got It!

For more than 15 years our mission has been to help businesses find success with technology. It pains us to watch people struggle with the very tools that are supposed to improve their businesses. That’s why we created our award-winning Fanatical Support.

Today, we take that mission one step further: we’re offering Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work. You read that right – we’ll support your Google Apps for Work. This is the first combination of Google technology and Rackspace Fanatical Support.

What does this mean? It means we’re applying the principles of the Rackspace Managed Cloud to Google technology. We’ll support Gmail, Drive, Hangouts and the rest of the apps in the suite for you so you can focus on building and running a successful business without the pain of worrying about IT.

Our philosophy is simple: technology should be an enabler, not a burden.

We’re not just selling the Google Apps for Work licenses; we’re helping you be successful with direct access to Rackers so you have the expertise needed at your fingertips. You can break free of the web forums and message boards you’ve turned to for support. We’re offering managed services assisting you with deployment, migration and day to day questions on how to use the technology you’re paying for to solve the business problems you have. Need help with communication tools such as Gmail and Hangouts? You got it. Want to migrate documents to Google Drive for collaboration? We can help you. Looking to adopt Google productivity suite applications including Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Sites? We’ll show you how.

We’ll help you with deployment and migration to get you on-boarded and up and running. Our specialists are on hand for any troubleshooting or technical assistance. And account management will ensure you’re using Google Apps to its fullest potential.

It’s truly Fanatical Support of Google Apps for Work.

We strive to offer world-class services for market leading technologies. Your business needs trusted specialists to help you get the most out of these game-changing tools. With Rackspace Managed service for Google Apps for Work, you have access to expertise that is there with you every step of the way when you need it.

Using top technologies shouldn’t be a hindrance; it should be a path toward success. Rackspace is here to make sure you’re successful with Google Apps for Work.

Want to try Rackspace Managed service for Google Apps for Work? Sign up now or learn more at https://googleapps.rackspace.com.

Bret Piatt was a Senior Director, Corporate Strategy and Development for Rackspace. He previously served as the General Manager of Apps@Rackspace, where he was responsible for all aspects of our email, collaboration, and backup businesses. Prior to his current role, Bret spent 5 years on the Rackspace Corporate Development & Strategy team identifying and pursuing new growth opportunities for the company's core business through M&A, strategic partnerships and incubation efforts. Bret played a crucial role in the formation of OpenStack, the open source cloud software community, as well as in building the Cloud Tools ecosystem for the Rackspace Cloud. Previously, Bret was on the Product Management teams for both Rackspace and AT&T, where he was responsible for security and compliance product lines. His technical experience comes from his time at AT&T/SBC, where he designed carrier scale monitoring and management systems, optimized networks for enterprise customers and performed lab testing on new products from potential suppliers and partners. Bret has more than 15 years experience working for service providers on leading edge projects and technologies from the beginning of VPN services to the currently emerging public cloud computing market. He is a also frequent speaker on cloud computing and big data technology at major industry events.


    • Thomas,

      We’re providing a fully managed experience with Google Apps for Work at Rackspace. If you just want the Google technology going directly to them is the best way to get it. Our team of experts provide services to improve your experience with the raw technology. Services you’d need to either do yourself or hire a professional services firm to handle such as data migration are included with our integrated offering. We also handle technical troubleshooting so instead of having to search for answers on the web or pay a consultant you have on demand access to our team to assist. In a blog comment it is difficult to fully communicate the depth of the value we provide. My recommendation is to experience Fanatical Support for yourself and see if our expertise and technology help your business become more successful.

      • Ok sold I can buy this now? I believe you because I have so many exchange accounts with you. However for clients right now I am thinking this is easily the best way to go. Why not have your team take care of the unpleasant stuff and honestly I think it’s worth it. I am going to contact your sales team & add a few accounts right now.

  1. just Wanted to say thank you I love Google apps but honestly having rack space support behind it in addition to not taking away anything by allowing you to use Google apps with more support and you know when rack space offers a product they do everything correctly.


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