We Are Acquiring Mailgun

I am super excited to announce to the world that we’re acquiring Mailgun. Mailgun is a developer-focused mail-as-a-service company based in San Francisco. They help developers integrate email sending and receiving capabilities into websites and applications built in a cloud world. This is a huge win for Rackspace and I couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

There are two reasons why I’m so excited:

  1. The product. Mailgun has a product that nearly all of our cloud and hosting customers need. Mail is still a core component of most websites and applications today. The developer-centric approach that the Mailgun team has taken really works. I believe our customers will be very happy with the service.
  2. The team. Mailgun has done an amazing amount with a very small team. They bring strong thought leadership and great engineering to Rackspace – both will add tremendous value to our company.

I want to congratulate Ev, Taylor, and the Mailgun team for building something great. And I want to welcome them to the Rackspace family where we’ll be able to do more great things together.


Rackspace Acquisition FAQ

Why did Rackspace acquire Mailgun?
We are committed to providing customers with the tools they need to build their businesses on top of the Rackspace Open Cloud. The Mailgun service is an awesome addition to our product portfolio as mail is a core component of just about every website and web application on the planet. Mail is also a pain to manage and the Mailgun service will make life easier for our customers. Additionally, the Mailgun team is strong and we look forward to working with the entrepreneurs and engineers that have built Mailgun into the successful company it is today.

What does Mailgun do?
Mailgun simplifies email integration into websites and applications. Developers can easily use their powerful set of APIs to send, receive, and track email effortlessly – without managing an email server or becoming an expert in email setup, operations and deliverability.

Will the Mailgun team be joining Rackspace?
Yes, we are very excited to welcome the Mailgun team to Rackspace. These guys are going to make awesome Rackers and will add a lot of value to our San Francisco team, as well.

Will Rackspace shut down the Mailgun service?
No, Mailgun will continue to operate, grow, and thrive as a stand-alone service with the support and backing of Rackspace. We will be hard a work integrating Mailgun into the Rackspace Open Cloud but we also plan to sell it stand-alone, too.

What should Mailgun customers expect?
Mailgun customers should expect the service to evolve and improve over time.

How much did Rackspace pay for Mailgun?
We are not disclosing the financial details of the transaction.

Check out this video for more information on Mailgun:



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