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Throughout the history of technology there has been a war raging between people pushing for a proprietary approach towards software and those wishing for the world to adopt Open Standards. Cloud Computing is no different and there are a plethora of different initiatives looking to bring “openness” to the Cloud.

One only needs to look to the web to see that it was largely built off the back of Open Source products.  The “LAMP stack”- Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP – was the foundation upon which the bulk of the Internet was built; and we believe a similar foundation will see the Cloud reach its potential.

To this end we’ve put together a great webinar to discuss the opportunities and challenges for an Open Standards Cloud world. Taking part in the webinar will be:

  • Scott Sanchez – Director, Business Development for Rackspace Cloud Builders
  • Sam Johnston, Director, Cloud and IT Services for Equinix
  • Myself, Ben Kepes, Curator of CloudU


We’re going to be talking about a bunch of different issues and would love to have your input into the direction of the conversation.

Webinar Details
Date: Thurs, Sep 22nd
Time: 1pm CDT

Click here to register.

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