Webinar Recap: C-Suite Disruption: Reinventing The Executive Ranks In A Cloud World

The business value of cloud computing – or “cloudonomics” – is taking the world by storm. The changes in the IT landscape are forcing C-level executives to evaluate even the most basic businesses practices that they’ve held sacred.

There’s no question that technology is key to accelerating market growth in the cloud industry. If you want to increase consumer spend and game-changing innovation, you’ll need to adopt different thought processes that will help technology drive your business to its greatest potential.

One of those strategies is by forging new and collaborative relationships with users. As the consumer base for cloud services grows, more and more CIOs are rethinking IT architecture and controls to help ease the pressure of making tough IT decisions for even the most non-technical users.

Executives are also reexamining how their organizations work best together and how to prioritize initiatives that will provide the strongest competitive advantage for the business.

Recently, a team of Rackspace experts explained how they overcame challenges to drive new, innovative initiatives for Rackspace. Speakers included Rackspace CIO Steve Mills, Rackspace CMO Suaad Sait, Rackspace CFO Karl Pichler and Rackspace Vice President of Enterprise Cloud Lisa Larson. In case you missed it, you can check out the full webinar here:.

Be sure to tune into other upcoming webinars where we’ll discuss topics including resiliency, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Block Storage.

Leezia Dhalla was the Speakers Bureau Program Manager at Rackspace until 2015, where she was responsible for coordinating external speaking engagements and developing corporate messaging for senior leadership, software developers and key subject matter experts. graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science.


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