Webinar Recap: Creating A Sound E-Commerce Strategy – The Inventory

There’s a lot to consider when building out an e-commerce strategy – there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for every organization.

E-commerce touches several different parts of a company, including business and technical decision makers, the security department and others.

When building out an e-commerce strategy, it is imperative to consider the following:

  • The business perspective may focus on costs, performance, features and product sets that make up the e-commerce solution
  • The technical aspect may focus on the systems that host the application that meets the business’ needs
  • The security focus may evaluate the controls that protect the business and the systems that host the application. It also ensures that information collected during an e-commerce transaction is properly stored and protected so that a sense of trust is established with the customer – whose perspective may ultimately be the most critical.

In a recent webinar, Rackspace Marketing Director Mary Braunwarth, Rackspace Enterprise Solutions Architect Matt Montelone and Rackspace Product Marketing Manager Mahesh Ghande got together for a panel discussion to highlight how to build an inventory for a successful strategy for business, technical and security departments. Check out the full video of the webinar below and begin plotting your business’ ecommerce strategy today.

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