Webinar Recording: Using CDN to Excel your Web Presence

In case you missed the Rackspace Cloud Files’ CDN webinar a few weeks ago, the recording is below for your review.

In this webinar, Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director Cloud Strategy, Limelight Networks, and myself, Product Manager for Rackspace Cloud Files, take a look at both the storage market as a whole and Rackspace customers to show how CDNs can be used to bring data to companies with modern needs.  The webinar compares Cloud Files and Limelight speeds to others in the market, as well as highlights some of the major events that Limelight has backed, proving their stake as an industry leader in the CDN space.

This is a perfect webinar for you if you still find yourself asking, “Why would I need a CDN?”  Look out for more webinars from Rackspace Cloud Files in the coming months, and don’t be shy to tell us what you’d like to learn about.  We’re here to help!

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