Webmail 3.1- Improvements & Bug Fixes

On Monday of next week there will be a complete press release about this, but I thought I.d give a little preview to blog readers.
Product Improvement Requests
We love getting product improvement requests! It.s a sign that our customers like our product well enough to give feedback and believe (correctly) that we.re the sort of company who will do what it can to make things better. That being said, some improvement requests people send to us are really bugs that have to be addressed immediately and they are.
But a lot of other fixes and improvments are more optional. We.ve lumped a bunch of these together and are releasing them together as Webmail 3.1.
Fixes and Improvements
One of our biggest requests was to have an easy way to flag a message as spam or as non-spam (good). Now you just view the email and click .Trust Sender. or .Report Spam. and you.re done!
Some other changes are:
· Full support for the Safari web browser on Mac.s
· Small tweaks to improve support on the Firefox and Netscape web browsers
· Speed enhancements
· View plain text attachments inside Webmail
· Shift-click to select multiple emails
· Auto-complete now optional
· More message sorting options
· Better signature customization support
There are more than 30 total fixes and improvements.
Well, the 1-click demo will soon be version 3.1 if you just want to give it a quick peek later tonight. On Monday all new mailboxes that are created will default to 3.1 since the changes aren.t all that noticeable for most people. We.ll be moving everyone else to 3.1 over the next month or so.
We.ve been testing 3.1 internally for quite a while and haven.t had any issues. Our support email account has been using it.high volume with lots of attachments.and things have been good. The speed enhancements really help for users with a lot of email.

Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.



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