Webmail for Rackspace Email Gets a New Look

The future of email is on the web – I think that’s hard to deny. Our web apps team has embraced this philosophy and made an investment in that future with a new and improved UI design. More than just a facelift, the app has undergone a veritable overhaul on both the front and back end.

The reasons for the redesign are many. Our legacy interface had become a little dated. Scalability and flexibility had become a little more difficult. Usability needed to be reexamined. At the end of the day, a positive user experience was getting harder to preserve within its confines. Simply put, it was time.

But at the heart of it all, there was still one major factor that really drove this project…

When users move away from desktop clients and “into the cloud,” their expectations are very high. We want to meet (and exceed) those expectations with our web apps; namely Webmail for Rackspace Email. We want to show these users that they can expect the same look, feel, functionality, speed, power and convenience of a desktop client – but on the web. This redesign accomplishes that or, at the very least, is a step in that direction.

Now, let’s forget the fact that with a desktop client you’re somewhat “chained” to one computer. Never mind the inevitable hard drive crash or corrupted email archive files. And of course, there’s upgrading, patching, re-installing, etc…

Instead, imagine logging into your email from ANY computer from ANYWHERE in the world. Think about an email system that is completely managed for you. The only thing you ever have to worry about is your email address and password (and with “Remember Me” – even that’s taken care of). This is the very definition of convenience. This is Webmail for Rackspace Email.

So, we invite you to give the new interface a try, and as always, we would love your feedback. If you’re not already a Rackspace Email customer, you can learn more about it here.

Manny DeJesus manages our Rackspace email and webmail business. He's located in the Blacksburg, Va. office.


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