Webmail Address Book Import/Export Enhancements

We have added several enhancements to the import/export tool in the webmail address book. You can now do the following:

• Using the .csv file format, you can import an address book from any email application (Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.)

• Since email applications use different terminology for certain fields (e.g., Cell Phone vs. Mobile Phone), we now allow you to match, or “map,” the original fields to the corresponding fields in the webmail address book. This gives you control over how your information is imported.

• In addition to creating address book export files for Outlook, Yahoo, Netscape, and Webmail, you can now export your address book for Gmail and Thunderbird.

To access the import/export tool, log in to webmail, click the “Contacts” link, and then click the “Import/Export” button. We hope these enhancements will be helpful to you!

Thanks to Huey for taking this on as his 20% project. I believe we’re the one in the industry to take this approach. Very nice innovation!

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