We’d Like to Introduce the Newest Racker on the Block: Andy Schroepfer

We’d Like to Introduce the Newest Racker on the Block: Andy Schroepfer,VP of Strategy

What’s he up to @Rackspace?
Making Fanatical Support ® tangible for customers. Andy’s goal is to quicken the pace that businesses see, and act on, the reality that the future of computing is not about servers, but about service. He calls this the Road to ACE (All Cloud Enterprise), where ACE is a business that operates powerfully without servers, by leveraging the most efficient hosting platform (dedicated or cloud) for their custom apps and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications for the rest.

Area of expertise:
Andy has been the go-to analyst in the hosting industry since its inception in the late 1990s. This began at Piper Jaffray where he covered the fiber network service providers such as Level 3 to Global Crossing and Exodus. Then, at Goldman Sachs, he led coverage of the hosting industry including the IPOs of Equinix, Loudcloud (now HP), and Webex (now Cisco). In late 2000, Schroepfer founded, and later sold, Tier 1 Research, the leading specialist research firm on the hosting and data center industry whose insights and data remain best-of-breed.

Claims to fame:
He was the youngest Vice President at Goldman Sachs where he was a Senior Equity Analyst covering the Internet infrastructure services industry.

Why he likes being a Racker:

Reach Andy on Twitter: @shrepfur (which is a phonetic spelling of his last name)

Fun facts:
Andy really believes Thursday and Friday of March Madness should be a national holiday. He also thinks best in the office when he is holding a golf club, (which is strange since he has a 29 handicap).

As Rackspace’s Sustainability Manager, Rachel Romoff drove and measured efficiencies for the way Rackers buy, build and operate. Rachel also chaired Rackspace’s Global Electronic Waste Team, a cross-functional group that defines and guides the company’s E-Waste strategy. In 2008, Rachel joined the company as a member of the Public Relations team, with responsibility for strategic, external communications pertaining to a variety of corporate initiatives. A native Philadelphian, Rachel received her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from Arizona State University.



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