Welcome To Open Compute Summit 2012

The third Open Compute Summit kicked off this morning at Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters, aka The Castle.

The two-day event — Wednesday, May 2 and Thursday, May 3 — brings together 500 technologists from around the globe to work on and define the path for open computing and the Open Compute Project. The lineup features speakers, announcements, demonstrations, booths and networking opportunities; and throughout the summit the Open Compute Project will work together to progress projects like Open Rack, Open Hardware Management, Virtual IO, Storage and Motherboards.

Joel Wineland, principal engineer for Rackspace, said the summit is broken into general sessions, design sessions and projects and workgroups working toward open computing.

“We’re very excited to have everyone here at our home, The Castle in San Antonio,” Wineland said. “We’re really looking forward to the innovation that comes out of this summit. We believe great things are to come from Open Compute.”

You can tune into the opening session of the Open Compute Summit via a live stream.

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