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A new year, a new logo, a new blog…a higher commitment to Fanatical Support! We want to officially welcome everyone to Rackspace’s blog. We’d like to quickly give you our two cents on all the changes this year brings for us, including our shift from Managed Hosting to IT Hosting.

Managed Hosting is still at our core, but we’ve always been about service first. Now we’re being more vocal and visible about our service advantage because we realize companies need more than just a web server; they need managed solutions such as email (that’s where our mail division Mailtrust comes in), utility computing (enter Mosso), virtualization and more; basically anything to lower internal IT costs and heartache, that’s where we come in. Best of all, it’s all backed by our award winning Fanatical Support!

Our hope is that this blog will give you a more in-depth look at the inner workings and thinking of the people we have working at Rackspace. We will cover topics ranging from latest and greatest technologies and industry trends, to unique Rackspace business practices that we hope you’ll find interesting and possibly useful for your business.

Read on and let us know what you think!

Lanham Napier was the CEO of Rackspace from 2006 to February 2014, and now serves as a consultant to the company's leaders. As CEO, he avidly promoted the workplace culture that drives the company’s famed Fanatical Support®. This passion for empowering customers has made Rackspace the acknowledged leader of the open cloud.



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