Welcome To Rackspace Private Cloud Insights

Installing Rackspace Private Cloud is pretty straightforward, but it’s even faster if you have a helpful guide to walk you through installation, basic usage and a few specific use cases.

It’s my pleasure to introduce RPC Insights – a new series of blog posts and webinars that will help you build, develop and manage Rackspace Private Cloud deployments.

Throughout this series, we’ll offer several pieces designed to get you using RPC in no time, including:

  • Getting started: We’ll show you how to set up your environment using bare metal servers. And if you don’t have bare metal servers to work with, you can use our demo environment.
  • Spinning up your first instance: So you have Rackspace Private Cloud installed and you’re wondering how to spin up an instance?  Before you get started there a few things you need to do.  Join us for a detailed presentation where we will use the Horizon dashboard to prepare and spin up your first OpenStack instance. This webinar and blog post will give you a run through on using the Horizon dashboard to prepare and spin up your first OpenStack Instance.
  • Top use cases: Ok, so you’re up and running leveraging the Horizon dashboard to kick your RPC environment into high gear. To really get the party started, this series of webinars and accompanying blog posts will outline specific architecture, why it is a good fit and a demonstration of how it works on RPC for a trio of use cases:
    • Web tier applications
    • Software development lifecycle
    • Big Data solutions

Be sure to check out the Rackspace Developer Blog on Monday, June 23 for our first RPC Insights blog post, which will get you started with Rackspace Private Cloud. Then join us on Tuesday, June 24 for our first RPC Insights Series webinar – Spinning up your first instance on RPC.


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